A new generation of diaphragm valves
Sealing: new sealing structure, better and stable sealing performance
Valve body: The smooth arc design at the lowest point of valve installation achieves a completely self-draining effect
Actuator: metal (304) housing, reliable and durable; driving parts adopt new materials, easy to switch and labor-saving
Integrated check valve
The valve body is made of round steel in integral processing and molding, and its internal eccentric structure is designed to increase the flow rate but reduce the residue. At the same time, spring of different specifications is able to be selected according to the working condition of the customer, which ensure the optimal working condition of the valve.
Non-residual sensing hand-washing Valve
Working pressure:0-0.8MPa   Nominal pressure:PN 1.6MPa   Ambient temperature:0°C ~50°C  
Signal Input:0/4-20mA  Signal Output:24VDC ...
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Hebron advantage

1. Hebron is one of the few manufacturers of ASME BPE standards in China and has been certified by FDA. It is also the only biopharmaceuticals engineering service provider which integrates production and manufacture, design consultation and engineering service in the same industry in China.

2. The leading product of the company is the Process Control Valve Series jointly developed with Zhejiang University, supported by the National Technology Innovation Fund for small and medium-sized Enterprises of Science and Technology, and its performance is comparable to that of the same kind of foreign products. These products can meet the needs of Chinese customers instead of foreign similar products.

3. Since it’s established, Hebron has been paying attention to product R&D and technological progress, and has developed hundreds of new products,including dozens of national patents. In early, Hebron also has jointly established "Zhejiang University (Hebron) Technology Research and Development Center" with Zhejiang University. The obvious technical advantages laid a solid place for Hebron in the industry.

4. With more than ten years of practical experience in the field of biopharmaceuticals, and has a professional service team, to provide high-quality service as the leading,to customers before sale, in-sale, after-sales service, and strive to save time and cost for customers.

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